The Sam LiveCast

The Sam LiveCast (

With Sam Zien, The Cooking Guy, having already been a long-time client of Collins Imagery, he knew who to call when it was time to put together a web site project being produced by his online broadcasting company, named appropriately enough, The Cooking Guy Broadcasting Company.

And it was a tall order, even for a client that tends to think big, that’s for sure.

The idea was a web project where Sam could continue an online version of his show between shooting dates. He’d have guests, discuss important matters of the day (like his pantry), and serves up a special drink and meal for each show. The site was required to allow for his new online broadcast, of course, but it also needed an admin area for easy updates by several administrators, have the ability to provide ad space for his sponsor Donovan’s Steak House and Prime Seafood , archive all online broadcasts, link to his social media efforts, and a host of other things you’d expect for any normal client’s web project.

But I’ve learned that Sam is far from normal – in a good way. It also had to handle tremendous amount of web traffic. And it had to display the show in High Definition. And it had to be done in right around three weeks.

Sam, I love you, man.

Stepping up to the challenge again, though, Collins Imagery worked with Sam’s San Diego-based team of producers, directors, technical folks, his son/Managing Director Max Zien, and even his dogs, to pull together the infrastructure to do all of the above. And then some. And even managed to “soft” launch it three days ahead of schedule for an extended shakedown cruise. The end result is the high-traffic site you can now visit online known as “The Sam LiveCast“.

The recently launched site has been running flawlessly for over dozens of episodes, “taped” two to four times a week, and it absorbs quite a bit of web traffic – especially during the online broadcasts. It has always been great working with Sam and the gang, and this project was a perfect example of everyone pulling together and creating an awesome site.